50 Tiny Ways to Give Yourself Goosebumps

With help from my favorite games, shows, and music

Photo by Vasily Koloda on Unsplash

You know the feeling, right? Your hair stands on end, your eyes peel back, and you feel a wave of euphoria wash over you.

Goosebumps. Shock and awe. Hair-raising. Whatever you want to call it, it’s certainly memorable. It doesn’t need to be complicated, either.

After reading Ryan Holiday’s article on living a better life, I thought to myself: what are the small ways I make my life better? Later that evening, I watched the superb documentary Planet Earth 2 again.

The swelling of music and awe-inspiring creativity of wildlife left my mouth wide open, and my eyes peeled back. This, I thought to myself, is how I make my life better.

I chase the goosebumps.

With that in mind, here are 50 actions I’ve done that can allow you to ride the rollercoaster of euphoria and make your hairs stand on end.

  1. Close your eyes and listen to this song from 1917.
  2. Watch the accompanying scene from 1917.
  3. Ask the person you like out on a date.
  4. Watch a flock of starlings perform mesmerizing aerobatics.
  5. Watch your favorite artist perform your favorite song live.
  6. Look at the runway disappear as the plane leaves the ground.
  7. Tell your partner you love them for the first time.
  8. Publish an article you’re proud of.
  9. Laugh so hard your face feels fuzzy.
  10. Play The Last of Us, and don’t skip this giraffe petting scene.
  11. Go to a midnight screening of the next huge Marvel movie.
  12. Listen to ‘The Night King’ soundtrack from Game of Thrones season 8 episode 3.
  13. Play God of War and watch Kratos say goodbye to his wife.
  14. Turn the lights off and watch Joe Gardner play the piano in Soul.
  15. Listen to your inner geek and watch Thor’s entrance in Avengers: Infinity War for the 100th time.
  16. Scream as loud as you can on a terrifying rollercoaster.
  17. Create a playlist filled with instrumental music.
  18. Watch a blue whale come up for air.
  19. Listen to this song from season four of Mr. Robot.
  20. Watch Liam Neeson threaten someone in Taken.
  21. Think about a time of your life you miss.
  22. Create an imaginary scenario where you’re widely successful, and thousands of people are cheering your name.
  23. Send a risky text.
  24. Get an equally risky reply.
  25. Listen to whales communicate with each other.
  26. Imagine a happy moment of your life with a movie-style soundtrack.
  27. Close your eyes and listen to some heart-wrenching strings music.
  28. Take in a glorious sunset.
  29. When on a plane, look down at the houses and cars. Think about how small but magical life is.
  30. Read a story about how someone turned their life around.
  31. Watch your favorite scene from your favorite movie.
  32. Hold your date’s hand at the cinema.
  33. Watch an artist perform in the Colors studio.
  34. Avoid spoilers for a film and take it in at the cinema.
  35. Walk through the entrance gates at a music festival.
  36. Look out of your window when you wake up on a sunny day.
  37. Listen to the sound of waves crashing while at the beach.
  38. Be proud of your friend’s achievements.
  39. Invest your money.
  40. Go on a drive when the sunset is orange.
  41. Hold a baby.
  42. Look at old pictures of friends and family. Reminisce.
  43. Shout the countdown to New Year’s Eve.
  44. Kiss someone as the clock strikes midnight.
  45. See your favorite animal at the zoo.
  46. Ask someone you admire for help.
  47. Take a sick day from work.
  48. Sing ‘Sweet Caroline’ while drunk with your friends.
  49. Talk about your favorite TV show or film.
  50. Say ‘no’ when it matters.

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